The Benefits of the Sash Window

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The sash window is not just an aesthetically pleasing feature to add to your home, but it can also provide a plethora of real and valuable benefits that may not be provided by other window styles.

Recent interest has sparked a revival in the construction and use of sash windows, with many people taking into account the obvious benefits this unique window style can have when paired with modern glazing and design options. There is no one who understands the appeal of the sash window more than The Original Box Sash Windows Company of Windsor. Established in 1979, they are known for building and installing only the very best quality timber box sash windows, also specializing in doors. Their website can be found at and they offer an array of unique products and services to suit your needs.

Their unique sash window options are discreetly double-glazed and draught-proofed for the essential requirements of the modern home.

With their flexible glazing options, you can minimize heating costs, reduce noise from outside as well as draughts, minimize ultra-violet damage, and maximize the resulting increase in property value this will trigger for your home.


One of their specialties is restoring converted sash windows to their original design, offering various timber options to match the original. They offer timber glazing bars to match the putty used, with internal moldings and horns to match the originals, so that every new sash window looks and feels both authentic and traditional while possessing all the essential requirements of the modern window as well. Security glass is used in their double-glazing, with accompanying locking keys, and a choice of white or Farrow & Ball colours to choose from.

The Original Box Sash Windows Company of Windsor also specialize in doors, particularly the French Door, using the same double-glazing techniques as in their sash windows, to offer all the same benefits of minimized heating costs and draughts, reduced outside noise and minimized ultra-violet damage, while maximizing the property value of your home.

Rest assured that with The Original Box Sash Windows Company of Windsor you are in safe hands. All of their local area window surveyors have over 20 years of experience working with wooden sliding sash windows and hinged casement windows. Each surveyor has the knowledge and expertise to help you compare options available and make an informed choice as to which is the most suitable and cost-effective for your needs. With a skilled team of joiners, glazers and painters ever-ready to assemble your British-made wood windows, as well as a staggering number of happy customers under their belt, The Original Box Sash Windows Company know what they’re doing. They are one of few examples of people with all the necessary knowhow who are also passionate about what they do.

To them, the sash window matters, and if you too are a person who cares about conserving one of Britain’s greatest and most emblematic architectural fixtures, then the sash should matter to you as well.