The Most Important Technical Aspects You should Consider when Buying a Whirlpool Bath

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You’ve finally made that decision – you’re buying a whirlpool bath for your bathroom, and you know all too well that it will be a good investment for your family. After all, with your very own whirlpool bath, you can relax and enjoy a spa-like experience in the comfort of your home and spend time in those soothing waters for as long as you want. But wait – before you make that choice, there are some technical aspects you should consider first. You would want your whirlpool bath purchase to be a great investment for years to come, and by thinking carefully about these aspects, you should be able to make a much better decision.

Where to install?

The first – and arguably most important – consideration you have to make is where your whirlpool bath will be installed. By deciding where your whirlpool bath will be set up, you can also decide on the actual size of the bath and its shape. Whilst checking the area where it will be installed, you may also want to consider the weight of the bath and whether or not your existing flooring can take the extra weight – if not, you may need to install additional support. If you aren’t sure about the extra weight (especially when the bath is filled with water), get some advice from an experienced engineer.


What size?

Whilst the size of the bath will mostly be determined by the area, you also have to think about who will be using it, and how often. If it will be used by the entire family and you have enough space, you may want to consider a two-person whirlpool bath. Also, whilst thinking about the size, think about the capacity of your hot water tank. Will the tank be able to hold a good amount of hot water for at least two-thirds of the whirlpool bath?

Drainage considerations

In many cases, the drain in your bathroom can be relocated or pipes can be installed in a recess located underneath the whirlpool bath which can run to the drainage point of your bathroom. But in some cases, there may be difficulties in regards to relocating the point of drainage. Think about this as it may have an effect on your whirlpool bath choice.

The fit

Whirlpool baths are often delivered in one single piece, which means that you cannot break them down into smaller pieces which would allow them to be installed piece by piece in the bathroom. If this is so, you have to make sure that the whirlpool bath will fit into your home’s and bathroom’s doorways, as well as hallways and corners. If you are building a new home, you may want to move the bath into the bathroom first before the doorways or walls are completely finished.

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