4 Common Things that are Clogging Your Drains

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One of the most common problems with indoor plumbing is a clogged drain that’s why being educated on how to troubleshoot and determine the cause of the problem is crucial in order to prevent the problem from recurring or worsening it.

Clogged drains can be caused by various things; essentially anything that can fit in the drain can cause clogging.

Below are just four of the most common things that GoodSense Plumbing & Drain Cleaning see that can make your drain clog.


Hair and Skin Dead Skin Cells

During a shower, it’s natural to see strands of hair falling off. And aside from the hair, you also shed millions of dead skin. These strands of hair and dead skin will eventually stick in the drain pipe walls and will result in blockage. Having a hair catcher placed on the drain can help but most drains will experience clogging due to …

Why Drain Cleaning Is Important

In a home or business establishment, running water is a must to perform daily activities. With that said, a clogged drain is a BIG no as it can disturb your tasks. Cleaning the drain is important to ensure the drains remain effective and in good condition.

Normally, water passes through the drains to either the septic tank or the water system without any problems. But, plumbing problems tend to accumulate over time. If you cannot immediately determine what and where the issue is, you may end up spending a great amount of money and time for the repairs to your plumbing system.

So, every homeowner and business owner must know the importance of maintaining the drain and how it is done or who to contact, a company like GoodSense Plumbing & Drain Cleaning, to make sure that the plumbing systems are in perfect condition.

Warning Signs that Drain Cleaning