4 Common Things that are Clogging Your Drains

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One of the most common problems with indoor plumbing is a clogged drain that’s why being educated on how to troubleshoot and determine the cause of the problem is crucial in order to prevent the problem from recurring or worsening it.

Clogged drains can be caused by various things; essentially anything that can fit in the drain can cause clogging.

Below are just four of the most common things that GoodSense Plumbing & Drain Cleaning see that can make your drain clog.


Hair and Skin Dead Skin Cells

During a shower, it’s natural to see strands of hair falling off. And aside from the hair, you also shed millions of dead skin. These strands of hair and dead skin will eventually stick in the drain pipe walls and will result in blockage. Having a hair catcher placed on the drain can help but most drains will experience clogging due to hair and dead skin at a certain point.

Foreign Objects

Clogged drains can also happen whenever foreign objects or things like fat, food or soaps accumulate and get inside the drainpipe. Initially, they won’t completely block your drain; however, over the course of time, these things will continue to mount up, which can block the flow of water and eventually block your drain. Moreover, clogged toilets are mainly due to excessive toilet paper and sanitary items that are being flushed down. So just like in drains, foreign objects such as food stuff or soaps that aren’t removed will eventually block it.


Most clogged drains in toilets are caused by toilet paper and paper from feminine products. Toilet paper is made to be easily broken down by water so it can be easily flushed. However, excessive paper or thick paper such as paper towels when flushed in the toilet cannot be broken down easily so this might lead to a clogged drain.

Grease and Fat

Grease and fat are among the most common reasons for clogged drains; however, they are also the easiest to prevent. Fats washed down the drain usually adhere to the walls of the pipes, which will gather in time, making it hard for water to pass through.

These are the top things that can cause issues to your drain but they can be easily prevented by making sure you watch what you are flushing down the drain.

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