Benefits of Using Echo Sound Theory for Interior Design

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Picking a style for the interior of your house, whether if you are renovating an old room or starting from nothing, can be a hard and stressful decision. There are endless choices to pick from and you have to decide to make a place that will fit you and your family. Sometimes is best to call professional painters like Paintworks.

Choosing the right color for your home is a vital decision you have to make. It helps to set the mood and affects how you feel as you enter a room. You can opt for color scheme recommended by a paint company.

However, there is another option that can be rewarding – and this is making an original color palette that is one-of-a-kind by using “echo-color” in your house interior.

Echo color is not about a specific paint type or special hue. Instead, it is a near-perfect way of designing that can provide an amazing and unique effect in your home interior when it comes to color-coordination.

The theory of “echo color” is repeating the same hues all over a room to attain an echo-like effect. Same with the sound of an echo, color differs when it comes to intensity, however, they must be loosely associated with the one another.


After deciding on a color for the wall and trying it in your house, check out the paint color display at your retailer. Lighter shades or darker tints on your wall are all candidates for echo color that can be utilized on an accent wall, trim or woodwork. If you don’t go too far from the same display, the colors you like may echo each other. You can always ask the counter person for a printed copy of formulas of the paint colors you want for confirmation. Make sure that they have most or all of the same colors. If they have it, you can detect the commonality after they are applied.

In creating an echo color interior of your house, accents may be in almost any color, however, they should all have indications of the echo hue. Example, a wall is painted blue. You can pick accents that are mainly gray, green or white as long as they have a bit of blue in them to “echo” the wall color.

Furthermore, the idea is to provide hints of color to combine the color scheme together.

If you are painting or repainting the interior of your home, why not go for a distinct style?

Utilizing echo color could help make your painting work a booming success!

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