Is it Advisable to Use a Professional Firm for Your Refinished Basement?

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There are many projects which can be taken on at home and successfully completed by the amateur DIY specialist.  However, a refinished basement is a fairly large project and may make even the best DIY’er feel a little daunted.  Is this one job that should be left to the professionals?  There are certainly plenty of good reasons to let the professionals complete a refinished basement for you:



The first stage of any refinished basement project is to decide what you wish your new space to look like.  Obviously if you know you need an extra bedroom or a kitchen then you will have an idea.  However, you may not have appreciated just how big the space available is and the variety of options in front of you.

This is a common issue as a basement does not normally appear massive due to internal walls, badly positioned stairs or poor lighting.  A professional firm will open your ideas as to what is possible and help you to plan the perfect refinished basement.

It is worth noting that most refinished basements do not need planning permission.  However, a good local refinished basement contractor will be able to offer advice regarding this and will even be able to deal with the relevant permissions; if necessary.


Time is always something that there is not enough of.  If you are undertaking a refinished basement project then you may be unable to complete a variety of other tasks.  It is important to weigh up the cost of your time versus the cost of paying a professional firm to complete your refinished basement.  You may be surprised at how beneficial it is to pay someone else to finish the project for you.


One huge advantage that a professional refinished basement firm has is that they have the experience to deal with any issues that arise.  This may be to do with the foundations, insufficient roof height or even the location of a wall.  These sorts of issues can cause you a huge amount of problems where a professional firm will be used to dealing with them and know the best way round the issue.  They should even be able to do this without making an adjustment to your bill!


If you look in your basement you will notice there are many pipes and electrical wires.  These will need to be hidden if you want to have a high quality refinished basement.  Whilst it is possible some can be re-routed, many will not; they must simply be worked round.  A professional firm will know how to deal with all these pipes and wires and can do so quickly and easily.

Although there are many reasons to use a professional refinished basement firm; it is possible to do some or all of the work yourself.  When deciding if this is your preferred route you should consider the points above.  IF you are happy then you can achieve the right result then there is nothing stopping you starting the refinished basement project; even if a professional has to finish it!