10 Things You Must Know About Interior Painting

An easy way to update the look of your home is a coat of paint on interior walls. Before you get started or hire any painters in Victoria BC here’s some helpful tips you need to know.


1)    Sheen is important, sheen refers to gloss, satin or eggshell finish when you select a paint. High traffic areas need a gloss or satin sheen to stand up to touching and washing, their drawback is that they show imperfections ( wavy drywall, patched areas ) and make them quite noticeable. Choose a matte finish like flat when you want to mask imperfections the downside is they are not a durable or easy to clean.

2)    Embrace color, be brave enough to use bold colors, select ones that add depth and texture to a room. Even mood and emotion can be influenced by your color choices.

3)    Try Samples first by purchasing a …