Preventing flat roof drains from clogging – Smart steps to take

Usually we see that flat roofs are more prone to facing issues related to drainage. Unlike sloped roofs, where water can automatically slide down through the sloping side, the flat roofs and their horizontal and almost flat surface and collect not only debris but also water and clog roofs in commercial building roofs with parapets or deep down the gutters on residential roofs. If you can take the trouble of cleaning the flat roof few times in a single year, you can save your pocket from other costly and extensive roof cleaning services.

When debris builds up on your roof, they hold moisture and this can have a very bad impact on the foundation of your home and also your safety. Hence, it is vital to remove debris and water from your roof and avoid having clogged roof drains. Here are few steps that you can take.


Step #1: Inspect whether there’s a clogged drain

Whether or not you have a clogged roof drain, you have to inspect the matter first. Make sure you clear all leaves and other debris from the drain and then open the cover of the same. Shine a torch down to see whether you can spot something obvious like accumulation of too many leaves or animals building a nest. In case there are animals which have built their nest, it’s impossible to clean them on your own and you would need professional advice. They are the ones who know the ethical process of removing them.

Step #2: Get hold of a plumber’s snake

If you can get hold of a plumber’s snake, that will clear majority of the clogs. Feed the snake down through the drain of the roof and keep it there until your clog is removed. It depends on how thick the clog is and you might even be asked to repeat this process a number of times. It is only when you see the clog dispersing that you should stop feeding the plumber’s snake.

Step #3: Take a hose pipe

When you apply water under too much pressure, this will clear the clog from a roof drain and flush it down through the outlet of the pipe. Feed your hose pipe down the drain of the roof until it is placed right at the roof drain and once it does, turn it with full power. At first you will find the force of water coming back out of the drain but once you keep doing that, the pressure will gradually start loosening the clog. You can even push down the hose to keep loosening the clog. Very soon you will find the pressure of the water break free and run through the outlet pipe.

So, if your home has a flat roof and you often suffer from the issue of clogged drains, you can take the above mentioned steps to clean clogged roof drains. Finish off by flushing out again with water and keep repeating the process to clean every drain of your roof.