Can You Enroll in More Than One Canadian Government Funded Program

Part of your preparation for moving to Canada has been searching for information about any programs the Canadian government offers newcomers. Fortunately there are several programs being offered and the good news is that you can enroll in as many as you like. Listed here are a few of the government funded programs to help you get ready for your life in Canada.


The Food Processing Human Resource Council Pre Arrival Training

The food processing industry is one of Canada’s fastest growing industries which makes this a program to secure a job once you’re in Canada. With  training valued at $5,000 it’s essentially free and as a newcomer to Canada it is free providing you apply in the pre arrival stage. With the networking and employment opportunities alone this program  is essential as a part of your journey as you immigrate to Canada,

British Columbia Construction Association Pre Arrival Training Program

Upwards of 25,000 construction jobs are available in British Columbia due to a shortage of skilled labour in the Province. The Canadian Government has funded this program to get skilled workers into employment that matches their skills.

The Facilitating Access to Skilled Trades in British Columbia

FAST BC is a program employers can access immigrants with skills and experience in three key areas – carpentry, automotive services and power engineering. In conjunction with the British Columbia Institute of Technology ( BCIT ) FAST BC offers online assessments of the skills and knowledge along with gap training to immigrants prior to their arrival in BC ensuring they have the skills and knowledge needed for the Canadian workplace. So that they are able to build their professional network in British Columbia those registering for the program will also be matched with mentors.

The Pre Arrival Support and Services ( PASS ) Program For Internationally Educated Nurses

Nurses who have this designation can access a program offered by the Canadian Government specifically to supple support and services for those planning to immigrate to Canada. They are required to apply before leaving their home country so that the time it takes from professional registration to employment is greatly shortened upon arrival. Proof of graduation from a nursing school along with a confirmation letter of immigration from the Canadian Government are required before applying for this free program.

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