Does your office chair match your personal style?

When it comes to the office, with professional dress codes and limited means of expression, many will see their desk space as their only place to show their personality within the working day. Whether it be a football shaped stress ball or a fluffy pink pen, there are many ways people will try and bring their own style to the office. However, one aspect that people don’t see as means of expression, is their desk chair.

While you may think office chairs are chosen for means of comfort and practicality reasons, there are many varieties, of which can be found at Furniture At Work, that you can choose to suit your unique style and personality.

With the help of an infographic created by Furniture At Work, we have compiled a few of the most well-known styles, loved by the nation and celebrities alike to help you find your perfect office chair

The Leather Look

For those who consider themselves strong and rebellious and like to make a statement, a leather look chair paired with chromes and metal tones this would be the perfect match. A piece of this style would allow you to assert your dominance in the office.

Bold is Best

Block colour is a favourite look all year round, matched with those whose personalities can be described as bold, dynamic, assertive, intense and direct and if you’re not afraid of adding colour in any situation this is the look for you.

Transform your workstation to suit your personality with a vibrant coloured office chair and ensure you remain the centre of attention in your office.

The Neutral Look

From those who like to be centre of attention, to those who would prefer to not draw attention to themselves, there is an office chair for everyone. If you prefer a more understated but sophisticated look, opt for a stylish cream leather with a comfortable finish and be the envy of your colleagues with this comfortable yet sleek look.

Bring some personality to your office with the help of your very own office chair matched perfectly with your style. Tell us what your perfect office chair would look like and join in the conversation using #MyChair.