Signs That There Are Bedbugs In Your Home: What To Do

If you are worried that your home has bed bugs, it is time to take a step back and investigate properly. Living with bed bugs is a health hazard and if not got rid of; they can be problematic in the long run. That is why living with bed bugs is just not a good idea. Learn more about what bed bugs are and what you can do if you have them in your home. 

How Bed Bugs Come In

Bed Bugs and other pests are known for their ability to enter a property undetected. It does not take much for them to come inside a property. For example, when it comes to bed bugs, they can enter through luggage, used beds, clothing, a couch, or other items. They have flat bodies that make it easy for them to get fitted into the tiniest of spaces. They do not need nests to survive and they can live in big numbers in hiding.

At first, they may live inside mattresses and beds where they find it easy to get access to people to bite. Later on, they can move into crevices and may even move into a different building nearby. The scariest thing about them is that they live on blood. They survive on blood and that is why if you have bed bugs, getting rid of them completely and at the earliest is advisable.

Signs That You Have Bed Bugs

Discovering that there are bed bugs inside your home can be a terrible feeling. Have you woken up recently from sleep itching in areas that were not itchy when you went to bed? Also, have you found yourself a used bed where you are sleeping? If this is the scenario, then a bed bug infestation may have taken place.

Other signs that there are bed bugs are as follows:

  • Your pillowcases and sheets have blood stains on them.
  • Shedded skin, eggshells and fecal remains in places where you suspect bed bugs are hiding.
  • Dark rust spots on beds, mattresses, walls, and bedclothes.
  • A bad odor that hits your nostrils when you make your bed

What To Do 

Bed bug infestation is not an easy thing to deal with. The first thing to do if you suspect them is to take off all the bedding and inspect them thoroughly for signs and symptoms. You have to remove the dust covers from the box spring of your mattress as well because that is how far bed bugs can go. You also need to check around the bed, near telephone and cable lines as well.

The next thing to do would be to check your closet because bed bugs often attach themselves to clothing.

If you find that there are too many bed bugs and it is impossible to get rid of them on your own, calling a professional pest control service is the best thing to do. Do this after you witness the first signs of infestation so that things can be treated before they get out of hand.