A Stunning Way to Enlarge Your Room

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Do you want to create a wonderful place of solitude in your home? A place to sit and dream? A place that will not only beautify your home, but also increase worth? An addition of a bay window to your home can do just that.


An English tradition

Bay windows first began being built on mansions in England during the Renaissance. It gave them class and elegance. But it also permitted more light to enter an otherwise dim room. Originally, the design was to put the bay window at a prominent location opposite the entrance.

Bay windows came to the United States as a prominent feature of the Chicago School in 1890. The architectural design was that of William Le Baron Jenney, whose goal was to admit the maximum amount of natural light. Another of his designs, the Manhattan Building, erected in Chicago between 1889-1891, gives an ornate example of beautiful polygonal bay windows in this16-story structure.

A Place to Dream

What can you do with your bay window addition? Create a luxurious window seat in a rectangular bay window. It is the perfect place to have all natural light for reading and relaxing in your own special place. Be creative and make a book case underneath the seat or on either side of the windows. Load your window seat with cushions and pillows, and you have place of solitude to enjoy nature outside while warm and cozy inside.

A Sunny Kitchen Nook

Perhaps you would rather add your bay window to your kitchen area. A fun kitchen nook or booth inside the space of the bay windows will make your kitchen look larger plus you have an enjoyable place to eat while you gaze outside.

Your Own Indoor Nursery

Set up your new bay window area for your houseplants. It provides the exposure to extra light and a view to the outside. If you combine a picture window in the center with two casement windows on either side, you will create more ventilation. It’s a great sun area to display your houseplants and they will thrive and provide the necessary air filters you need in your home.

Your Home – Your Design

You can design bay windows Louisville KY any way you like. Polygonal, rectangular, arc-shaped – each style gives a different look to your home.

Think how you want it to appear on the outside. Victorian? Modern? Some like the shingled gable effect while others like a metal roofing instead. The type of glass or grid pattern you choose also makes a difference. Custom-designed decorative glass allows for elegance and beauty. It’s your choice.

Efficiency Plus Economical

Make sure your builders supply the protection needed against the elements with vinyl covering and ice and water shield barriers for bad weather safety. If building in a window seat, ensure the cavity is well-insulated.

Isn’t it time to add a stunning new feature to your home and increase its value? A bay window can do that. Choose one of the many options of bay windows Louisville KY and make the decision to beautify your home.