Budget design hacks for bedroom upgrades

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If you are a young person who studies or works a lot, then you clearly understand that your bedroom will remain the center of the universe for a pretty while this is why you need to ensure that the place is comfortable to be at as well as nice to look at. Most frequently rooms for rent look and feel pretty shabby when you first step in there. This is why we prepared several hacks that will allow you make the room look and feel a lot better.


• Display

There are great chances that you have something cool in your possessions, such as a collection of footwear or posters. If you do, then do not hide them. Put the at the most obvious place in the room and kill two birds with one stone: cover the shabby places and show off with your collection. In case you cannot let your precious items be in a bad place, consider some furniture upgrade options to give the second life to old shelves and at the same time breathe some life into the room.

• Walls

Another commonly awful thing about old apartments is walls. They frequently have old paint or stains of water all over. Of course, you can always repaint them completely, but unfortunately, not all owners allow repainting so your goal is to cover them with something. The easiest and most effective way is getting posters, pictures, or any decor pieces to hang on the walls. Sometimes you can check antique outdoor furniture stores to look for hangers or cheap lights that can be a perfect addition to any dorm room.

• Make the Room Spatial

In this case you might again use the trick with furniture upgrade idea: paint all pieces in one matching color and preferably light one. Professional designers explain that this is one of the best ways to widen the space. Apart from that you can always repaint walls in light and bright colors, if possible, and add mirrors on the walls. Do not forget about the outdoor furniture like bottle caps to add them at the sides of the bad and add artificial light to the room.

• Air

Air is extremely important in any room and especially bedroom, especially if you are living with a smoker or are one of them. This is why check your windows and repair them if possible. Remember about the restoration tricks you already know and reaping the sashes yourself. If you have some balcony with old furniture there, think about dresser renovation or cupboard transformation to give a second life to these pieces of furniture.

To get some more air and especially fresh one, use home flowers for both oxygen production and decoration needs. Plants will make your room liver and more pleasant to be at. Of course, you might protest that you have no idea how to take care of plants. But check the internet, there are hundreds of plants that are almost impossible to kill!