Five Home Improvement Tips For 2019

The year 2019 is just around the corner, and in two months, the world will celebrate another new year. As the New Year comes in, new trends would also rise, and among the most awaited trend report would deal with hairstyles, fashion, gadgets, and home improvement. Homeowners across the United States are already excited to see how the New Year would unfold and to welcome it. They have already spent a considerable amount on changing how their homes look. Interior designers are being hired left and right to help homeowners decide on how they should be presenting their homes. Professionals are also giving tips on how to arrange the furniture pieces inside the house to make it more attractive in the coming New Year. The following lists some of the most awaited trends that suit homes and properties in 2019:

  1. Living Room – according to experts, more people will start to develop a positive attitude towards the care for the environment, and as a result, homes with more natural looking feel would become trendy. According to professional interior designers, homeowners should start by looking at the color of the living room and the items that are in it. The best colors for 2019 are earth colors, which are different hues of brown, gray, black, green, and blue. Homeowners should choose their most preferred color, and start applying paint on their walls and buying new items like pillows that correspond to the color chosen. Another trendy thing next year would be the use of fluffy and comfortable seats. The preferable color would be white, or anything light. Try to mix and match the colors between the seats, the walls, the pillows, and the coffee table and see how it would work inside the house. Homeowners are also advised that wood flooring would look better for a natural-looking home, as well as using platforms and shelves that are made from different wood colors. If the correct colors have been chosen to renovate the living room, the outcome would be pleasing to the eye.
  2. Bedroom – try to adjust how the bedroom looks by putting more natural looking items inside. Changing the color of the bed sheets and the pillows to coincide with the earth color theme would look good. Homeowners could also put in natural crystals, plants, or a small waterfall inside the bedroom to increase the sense of relaxation inside. Do not forget to add paintings that show natural landscape to add a refreshing feel to the bedroom. For those who want to apply a natural looking feel to their bedroom, they can opt to choose light colored pillows and bedsheets, complementing a wall that has been painted in a single color. Try to use wooden furniture pieces, as well, because it would look great inside a house in 2019. Remember to remove pests inside the bedroom for a comfortable sleeping habit. Moxie Pest Control is the most recommended firm to finish the job.
  3. Bathroom – one of the most surprising trends next year would be the existence of bathrooms that are colored black. We are used to the idea that bathrooms are decorated with white tile, but interior designers are saying that a bathroom adorned in black marble would become trendy next year. For them, installing a sink made from black marble would do the job, along with toilets and bathtubs that are also dark colored. The tiles around the bathroom should also be changed and the colors chosen should complement the sink, toilet, and tubs which were transformed to reflect a dark color.
  4. Kitchen – professional interior designers are suggesting that wooden counters and cabinets should be used inside the kitchen to look more natural, but they did not dismiss the idea of using marbles for the counter and the sink. There should also be additional items inside the kitchen like stools and tables that are made from wood. Consider the lighting inside the kitchen as well – homeowners should renovate their kitchen to allow more light from the outside to come in. That way, electric bills will be decreased while maximizing the natural light from the sun.
  5. Garden – If you have a garden at home, you may want to transform it to cope with the trends coming in 2019. Gardens should be equipped with more plants and trees, and the most preferred are the flowering ones that bear fruit. However, make sure that pests like mice would never be able to destroy the plants. Having a garden promotes sustainability among the locals living in the same area.