A Bird in the Attic

I had an unexpected bird problem last week. A bird somehow made its way into my attic and started making a nest there. To handle the issue, I called a company that specializes in bird control and removal services. My wife wanted me to go into the attic to get it out, but I was afraid that it would start attacking me if I went anywhere near it. She thought I was just being a chicken, but she was in no rush to get the bird herself. I told her to put on a helmet and take a broom into the attic with her and she just laughed and told me that she would rather go skydiving.

To find the right company for the job, I did some searching online and did some results comparison to find the one with the best reviews. There was a local company that had a good reputation. What I didn’t know is that some people in my own neighborhood had used the company before and had positive results with them. I guess I could have just asked them for recommendations about bird control companies, but I was in a bit of a hurry. I wonder how often the homes in my neighborhood have to deal with birds being trapped in their property.

The company was able to come the same day that I contacted them and they went into the attic without any fear. They were able to trap the bird and remove the nest that it had made. The bird was pretty big, so big that I was confused how it was even able to fit into the attic in the first place. With the bird gone, I had to do a little cleaning just in case it made a mess up there.