Destroyed by a Rogue Woodpecker

I really can’t stand birds. I’ve always disliked birds ever since I was a kid. A bird attacked me when I was playing in the backyard one day, and from that moment on, I would feel fear and anger whenever I saw a bird. Recently, a woodpecker damaged by window shutters. It was the oddest occurrence and I had to drive the woodpecker away with a broom while hoping that it wouldn’t try to peck me in the head. I’m not entirely sure, but I don’t think that a human head can survive too many pecks from a woodpecker.

I was mad about my shutters, but there was nothing I could really do besides replace them. I wish I could have made that woodpecker pay for my new shutters, but that was impossible. I knew of just the place to buy my new shutters. There was a website that specialized in shutters and they had a wide selection of shutters to chose from and in different sizes. I only really needed one set for the window, but I bought another one for a different window just because I wanted to have them.

The delivery and installation of the shutters happened quickly, and I was happy again, but my mind couldn’t get over what that woodpecker had done. I had a feeling that he would come back at any time and damage my new set of shutters. I stood watch by my window, looking for any sign of that winged vandal. I realized how silly it was for me to sit there like a sea captain hunting for a white whale, so I let it go. For all I know, that bird is probably at some other person’s home, attacking their shutters and causing all kinds of problems for people in the neighborhood.