10 Useful Tips for Superior Household Vacuum Cleaning

Provided that your vacuum cleaner has already undergone proper maintenance and due checking beforehand, the following are some useful tips to achieve the maximum cleanliness possible with your vacuum cleaners.


1.       Create a regular schedule.

Sticking to a vacuum cleaning schedule is far better than just vacuuming randomly. In random vacuum cleaning, the tendency is either you will over-clean or under-cleanparticular areas in the house; some areas in the house need to be vacuumed more frequently than others. So, creating a vacuuming schedule for each part of the house is well recommended.

2.       Determine the traffic of each area of the house.

High traffic areas such as entrances, hallways, and pet places should be vacuumed daily to effectively prevent dirt buildup. Medium traffic areas such as dining area, living room, and stairs should be vacuumed at least three times a week. Low traffic areas such as bedrooms and spaces under the furniture can be vacuumed at least once a week.

3.       Prepare the area.

When the schedule comes, prepare the area to be vacuumed. Move the movable furniture or any large objects out of the room, especially if you wish to thoroughly clean the spaces beneath them. Most importantly, steer out of the small objects such as paperclips and coins on the floor before vacuuming instead of relying on the vacuum to pick it out and end up clogging the hoses and nozzles of the vacuum.

4.       Dust and sweep first.

A resource website on canister vacuums highly suggests that you deal with the primary specks of dust first by dusting and sweeping so that you can maximize the dirt capacity of your vacuum. Sweep out any crumbs and pet hair that can be taken out by mere sweeping and dusting.

5.       Use suitable vacuum cleaner heads and attachments.

To avoid damages on your carpets, furniture, and delicate items such as curtains and ornaments, you should use the suitable vacuum cleaner heads and attachments. Learn how to use your attachments in the owner’s manual of your vacuum cleaner.

6.       Do not rush when vacuuming.

During the vacuuming session, do not rush it as if it is a race. Vacuum slowly to ensure that the vacuum picks up all the dirt and not leave dust behind.

7.       Go over the same area multiple times in different directions.

Some spots in the carpet need to be traced with the vacuum more than once. In such circumstance, you can effectively disturb the fibers of the carpets by going over the same area several times coming in different directions.

8.       Work backward.

The suction of the vacuum cleaner works utmost when you are pulling the vacuum. Moreover, the brush bar spins oppositely when pulled backward, hence taking the carpet’s fibers as well on opposite direction, resulting in a more thorough cleaning.

9.       Treat the stains.

Spot treat the stains with the appropriate product. Beforehand, you can treat these stains immediately with home remedies.

10.   Go for occasional deep cleaning.

No matter how you regularly clean your carpets, professional carpet deep-cleaning is still recommended at least once a year.
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