Home Improvement in Atlanta

A Solid Foundation

Your home is your biggest investment. It is the foundation for you and your family. As such, it is important that you take care of it. One problem especially, should not be overlooked. That is foundation damage. Once spotted it’s important that you address it immediately to prevent the damage and costs from escalating out of control.


What to Look For

When your home has foundation issues, the problems will make their selves evident through cracks found in various places around the house. One cracks often show the are diagonally near window panes. These cracks are often diagonal in direction. Sometimes, people will find vertical cracks along their walls. In this scenario it is important to figure out whether or not it is a a bad seam in the drywall versus actual foundation movement causing the cracks.

Diagonal cracks along the wall are almost always a dead giveaway that you are experiencing foundation movement and that you have a problem on your hand. In some situations the foundation may have finished settling and the problems may subside. However, it is always important to call an expert to figure out what is going on.

Finding An Expert

Finding an expert for foundations in Atlanta is not an easy task as there are many people out there who will be happy to take your money to fix your foundation. The problem comes as there are many people with many different ideas on how to fix your foundation and not all of them know what is best for your home though they might have good intentions.

What is going on with your foundation is often very geographically specific and having a company who has a long history of working in your area is important in getting an accurate evaluation and appraisal of your situation. In some cases the land your house is on may be subsiding underneath you and your foundation may crack as it sinks. Almost all companies or people that come in to evaluate your foundation will assume this is the case.

However, it should be noted that there are cases when the ground underneath your house actually swells and rises and causes your foundation to crack. This happens when moisture gets into certain types of dirt and clays underneath your foundation as certain clays expand 10 times their size when they get wet. This is a rare occurrence in some areas where the builders didn’t take into account the type of dirt they were building on and properly compact the dirt that the foundation was going to sit on.

What to Remember

Finding an expert isn’t easy. However it is important to find someone who has a proven track record and worked in the area for many years. See if you can’t find a company who has worked in the area for several decades or ask some friends and family members for some recommendations if you are getting stuck trying to find a business or someone who is reputable and has a known working experience in your area.
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