Tips for Finding Restoration Services for Fire and Water Damage in Tampa, Fl.

Restoring your home after the devastating effects of a fire can be overwhelming unless you make use of a high qualified technician in the Tampa, Florida, area. It is imperative that the damage resulting from a fire to your home is dealt with as quickly as possible or you may suffer long lasting and costly repercussions.


Fire Damage Restoration

To fully understand why time is of the essence once fire damage has occurred consider the following timeline:

  • After the first few minutes: Appliances, soft furniture materials and even plastics around the home can be damaged with discoloration.
  • After the first few hours:As time passes into hours, discolorations can begin to deepen and cause further damage to porous finishes like kitchen counter tops or even the grout between the tile back splash.
  • After day one:After a period of 24 hours have passed, the onset of permanent damage begins and can drastically change finishes on walls, floors and wood finishes on furniture. Careful inspection of pieces of items in the home must be completed to assess whether full replacement or refurbishing is required.
  • Day two and beyond:At this point, it is safe to estimate that very costly measures will be needed to deal with the damage and corrosion of personal affects and structural damage to the home.

What Can be Done on Your Own?

The process of restoration should begin right away. However, there may be confusion as to what can be done by yourself verses when to contact a professional certified technician to assess and make suggestions on the remediation of water and smoke damage.

Because a variety of building and item materials can be damaged and can emit residue. Before accessing the damaged home, have it checked by a qualified technician to determine if it safe. It’s important to be safety conscious and wear the proper gear to protect your respiratory system. If electricity is available, open all windows and use floor fans to move odorous air from the room. Use warm soapy water and sponges to remove soot from walls and appliance surfaces and cabinets. Use a wet vac to remove water from soaked materials. Clean bedding, curtains, and clothing with a solution of Borax, vinegar and baking soda to neutralize odors and smoke damage.

When to Call a Professional

If basic cleaning efforts are effective, fire and water damage restoration service in Tampa, FL. can be arranged. Search for Technicians certified by the The Institute for Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC). These types of technicians will have the appropriate training and equipment required to deal with various types of fire and water damage, no matter the severity. Irritants like smoke and ash residue can worsen conditions like asthma, so it is important that a qualified technician applies the proper treatment and ensure air quality in the home is safe. Special equipment like thermal foggers and detergents are used to treat water damaged areas to rid the home of smoke, debris and other contaminants.
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