What To Pack For That First Night in Your New Place

Moving requires a lot of planning and organization to experience a move that’s as stress free as possible. With all the things to remember it’s important to pack those first night essentials so you can relax after your move. One thing you don’t want to be doing is digging through countless boxes to find the items we’re used to having at your fingertips.

If you have children and pets to move, good preparation is especially important.This will mean packing ‘ first night bags “ for each person in your family, any pets and some household essentials as well. Here are some suggestions for each individual will need.


Adults and older children:

–       Toothbrushes and toothpaste

–       Toiletries

–       Medications

–       Chargers for phones or other necessary electronics

–       Pyjamas

–       Extra underwear

–       Clothes and outerwear for a couple of days

–       Shoes

–       Wallet and credit cards

–       First aid kit

Here are some items to pack for infants and toddlers:

–       Diapers

–       Wipes

–       Clothes and pyjamas

–       Something to keep little ones confined, bouncy chair or playpen

–       Toys

–       Books

–       Snacks

–       Formula, juice, food etc

–       Sippy cups. Bottles

–       Pacifiers

–       Medications

And of course their favorite stuffed animal

For the family pet:

–       Enough food for a couple of days

–       Food and water dishes

–       Poop bags or kitty litter/ scooper

–       Leash

–       Toys and bones for your dog to chew on

–       Cat toys

–       Crate or carrier

–       Blanket

Home essentials you might want to pack in a box:

–       Snacks

–       Assortment of canned goods, sandwich basics

–       Sheets and pillows for each family member’s bed

–       Blankets

–       Bottled water

–       Bath towels

–       Extra batteries

–       Toilet paper and a roll of paper towels

–       Small bottle of laundry detergent

–       Shower curtain ( if needed )

–       Paper plates, plastic cutlery, paper cups

–       Extra light bulbs

–       Flashlight

–       Can opener

–       Essential cleaning supplies

–       Trash Bags

When it’s time for that next move the suggestions above will help you feel more organized. Moving companies have the expertise and can provide boxes for packing and a host of ideas to make your move go smoother. Searching for moving companies on Vancouver Island, contact Sunrise Moving and Storage whether your move is local or across the country.