Why you should choose black flooring in your home

When it comes to flooring, black is the new brown. With many stylish homeowners realising that black not only looks great but also has practical advantages, we explore why black flooring could be the perfect answer for your home.

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Versatile style

Dark flooring was a key trend in 2017 and lends itself to any look. Those who like shabby chic will find it is perfect with a big, comfortable sofa, whilst those looking for Scandi charm can couple black flooring with sheepskin rugs and textual contrasts. Those looking for a starker style will also find that black flooring is ideal, making a serious statement when laid in a sparse, large room without a rug.

In the hallway

The hallway is a good place to experiment with dark flooring. This is because not only is the floor usually smaller but also it makes good practical sense. The hallway tends …